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Electric rebates for installing efficiency equipment

The UES Electric Commercial Energy Solutions (CES) program offers rebates to commercial electric customers to reduce the initial cost of installing new energy -efficient equipment including lighting, refrigeration controls, and HVAC.

Rebates are available for energy efficient upgrades on lighting, refrigeration, controls, and HVAC. These rebates are intended to help offset a significant portion of the costs associated with installing new energy efficient equipment. Customers will work closely with approved contractors to make these improvements.

CES rebates will significantly shorten the payback period for energy efficient projects. In order to make this program more attractive to busy customers, it is contractor based. This means that approved contractors will provide installation services and apply for the rebates on the the customer's behalf. This will further reduce upfront costs for UniSource Electric commercial customers.

We anticipate a significant level of participation in this program and encourage commercial customers to get involved in this program early, because funding is limited and available only on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Program Process

Select from among the approved contractors listed under the Contractors tab. Once a program-approved contractor has been selected, the following process will take place to help you start saving energy and money. Download a copy of the Program Process — DOC 91 KB.

Process Overview

  1. Program overview and facility survey (not an energy audit) by program-approved contractor.
  2. Project cost proposal and upgrade recommendations
  3. Project cost proposal confirmation and approval by the Commercial Energy Solutions team
  4. Pre-installation inspection
  5. Installation of energy-efficient equipment
  6. Post-installation inspection to verify installation
  7. Final project approval and payments
  8. Start saving money on your electric bill

Policies and Procedures

The Policies and Procedures document conveys the rules, policies and procedures that govern program administration and customer participation in the UES Commercial Energy Solutions program. Download a copy of the Policies and Procedures — DOC 180 KB.

Table of Contents

  • Program Benefits
  • Program Process Overview
  • Effective Dates
  • Program Eligibility
  • Customer Disclosure Obligation
  • Program Process
  • Rebate Payment Process
  • Customer Co-Pay
  • Dispute Resolution
  • 1099 Filing and Reporting
  • Equipment Specifications and Installation Standards
  • Limitation of Liability
  • Appendix A: Forms

Equipment Specifications

Learn more about the types of energy efficient measures eligible for rebates — DOC 138 KB.

The UES Electric Commercial Energy Solutions Program is a unique program designed to encourage commercial customers to upgrade existing equipment to more energy-efficient equipment. This program will provide rebates to program-approved contractors for installation of energy-efficient upgrades. The program-approved contractors will be responsible for completing all documentation associated with collecting rebates. Commercial customers will be responsible for paying at least 15% of the cost of upgrades to the approved contractor.

Approved Contractors

A Quality HVAC Services, LLC
Bryan Cary
Lighting, Controls, HVAC

Accel Electric AZ, LLC
Dave Haynes
Lighting, Controls

Air Control Air Conditioning, Inc.
Jim Jensen
HVAC, Controls

All American Air Conditioning Gary Hagen
HVAC, Controls

Ambient Edge Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Inc.
Steven Lewis
HVAC, Refrigeration

ATS Electric Inc.
Dave Shaub
Lighting, Controls

Cornerstone Electrical Contractors
Alan Bieberstein
Lighting, Controls

CR Wright Electric, Inc.
Craig Wright
Services Provided: Lighting, Controls

DECA Southwest
Troy White
Lighting, Controls

Devault Electric, LLC
Ken Devault
Services Provided: Lighting, Controls

Fluoresco Lighting & Signs
Jerry Montgomery
Lighting, Controls, Signs

Heat Guard Today
Gil Morgan

Helix Electric of Nevada, LLC
Darren Vanderford
Services Provided: Lighting, Controls, Photovoltaic   

Inline Electrical Resources
Contact: Steve Dykeman
Services Provided: Lighting, HVAC, Refrigeration

KER Electric, Inc
Keith Richards
Lighting, Controls

McAtlin Electrical Corp
Don Klostermeier
Lighting, Controls

Mason Mechanical
Steve Mason
HVAC, Refrigeration

Mercury Air Conditioning & Heating
Ron Brown 
HVAC, Controls

Northland Electric Company
Richard Monn
Lighting, Controls, Solar P.V.

North Point Electric
Richard Castillo
Lighting, Controls

Nuwest Technologies
Dana Ford
Lighting, Controls

Pitzer Air Conditioning
Larry Thornton
HVAC controls

Pueblo Mechanical & Controls, Inc.
John Neuser
HVAC, Controls

Rose Stone
Randall Mills
HVAC, Controls

Sabino Electric
Bobby Magee
Lighting, Controls, HVAC

Sam Nichols Electrical, Inc.
David McAtlin
Lighting, Controls

Samon's Air Conditioning, Inc.
Dan Baldwin
HVAC, Controls

Sun Lighting Inc.
Danny Levkowitz
Lighting, Controls

Supermarket Energy Technologies
John “Weeb“ Bunch
Lighting, Controls, Refrig, HVAC, Night Covers

Swords Electric, LLC
Michael Swords
Lighting, Controls

Thunderbird Mountain Facilities Performance Services
Bob Leahy
Lighting, Controls

US Energy Services, Inc
Lou Lagomarsino
Lighting, Controls, HVAC

Walker Service Electric Inc.
Keith Walker
Lighting, Controls

Michael Bell
Lighting, Controls, Manufacturing

This list will be updated as contractors are approved. Please check back soon.

Applying for Trade Ally Status

If you are a licensed contractor in good standing with the State of Arizona Registrar of Contractors and have experience installing energy efficient upgrades in commercial businesses, you are encouraged to apply for Trade Ally status. Once approved you can participate in this program and start selling and installing energy efficient upgrades to local businesses. Download and complete the application.

Return the application with the required documentation to:

UES Commercial Energy Solutions
88 E Broadway Blvd
Mail Stop HQW505
PO Box 711
Tucson, AZ 85702
1-866-277-5604 – fax

UES will review all applications, verify the information provided and contact the references listed. In any information is missing or inadequate, we will contact you to request an update. Upon verification of all items, your company name and contact information will be posted.

Please note: the information completed in the "Company Information" section of the application will be the information included in the Contractor listing.

UES provides the list of energy-efficient contractors for informational purposes only. Customers can choose any approved contractor or trade ally.

Benchmarking with Energy Star®

Customers requiring comprehensive, yet easy to use benchmarking, should try out ENERGY STAR's Portfolio Manager. ENERGY STAR's Portfolio Manager can help you track and assess energy consumption within individual buildings or across your entire building portfolio. Use the Target Finder to establish an energy performance target for design projects and major building renovations.

Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute

Check to see the efficiency rating of heating and cooling units that you are interested in purchasing.

Environment, Health, and Safety Online

Determine if fluorescent lighting ballasts contain PCBs.

KEMA Services, Inc. is implementing this Program on bahalf of UniSource Energy Services. The Commercial Energy Solutions Program is paid for by UniSource Energy Services customers and approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission.

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